MASlovene-English Translation (Pedag. Study Prog., Semesters 1 & 2)

Credit points: 5
Contact hours: 60
Type: Seminar Classes

Main Instructor

Marjeta Vrbinc, PhD


Marjeta Vrbinc, PhD

Course Description

The course qualifies students to translate more demanding (non-literary and technical) texts suitably and reliably into English. Students are made aware of frequent translation problems (e.g. culture-specific terms, terminologically more demanding terms) and with the help of error analysis also of common mistakes made by native speakers of Slovene in English. Students deepen their knowledge of the use of general, special-purpose as well as specialized dictionaries and other lexicographic tools necessary for translation. Students are faced with translation as linguistic knowledge subjected to norms, which enables them to regard translation in a wider intercultural context. At the same time, students recognize the usability of translation for deepening their linguistic competences and for teaching English as a foreign language, especially from the point of view of topics that are problematic for native speakers of Slovene when creating a text in English. During lessons, students present translations of different texts they have done at home, compare them (regarding the pragmatic framework, discourse characteristics, lexical nuances, stylistic level) and check their suitability, discuss various solutions and sources for these solutions (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, the Internet, parallel texts). Since the emphasis is on the translation from the mother tongue into English as a foreign language, they also deal with topics related to the Slovene-English contrastive analysis, particularly at the levels of syntax and text.


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