MALanguage Competences (Pedag. Study Prog., Semesters 1 & 2)

Credit points: 5
Contact hours: 60
Type: Practical Classes

Main Instructor

Lara Burazer, PhD, Lector


Veronika Rot Gabrovec, PhD, Lector
Cvetka Sokolov, PhD

Course Description

Reading Comprehension:
Understanding authentic texts of various types;
Acquiring superior taxonomic reading skills of analysis, evaluation, inferring.
In-depth understanding the reading process; self-reflection on one's own reading abilities; importance of reading in continuous life-long education.
Reading expert texts and creating study notes.
Reading, analysis and evaluation of prose.

Persuasive essay – in depth.
Research essay. Use of sources.
Creating texts using computers/digital technology.

Listening Comprehension:
Comprehending, analysing and evaluating various types of popular and expert audio texts.
Summarizing texts heard.
Active listening and interaction.

The ability to relate spontaneous speech and a prepared text fluidly.
Mastering various registers.
A 25-minute oral presentation on a topic provided.
Formal debate, preparation of dramatization.

Popular and expert texts (multimedia sources) selected by the teacher and the students. Obligatory prose reading assignment (literary or documentary) based on the teacher's and the students' choice.

Additional literature:

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