BAEnglish Romanticism

Credit points: 2
Contact hours: 30
Type: Lectures


Mojca Krevel, PhD, Professor

Course Description

Aims and Specific Competences:

  • Ability to recognize and establish the defining features of movements and directions appearing in the context of English Romanticism
  • Placement of the English Romantic tradition within the broader European cultural, historical and spiritual contexts
  • Identification of the typically Romantic elements in the works of late Classicism
  • Knowledge of the most important Romantic authors and their works
  • Ability to critically handle the works of English Romanticism with the established tools of literary science

Description of Content:

The English Romanticism course is primarily concerned with the study of prose works from the periods of English Romanticism and Pre-Romanticism. The emphasis is laid on the identification of the characteristic Romantic elements, recognition of the Classicist features and Enlightenment ideas, as well as detection of the first traces of Victorianism in the prose works written between 1770 and 1840.

The course is divided into two parts; the first is theoretical and provides an insight into the development of the term and the notion of Romanticism, different theoretical approaches to the problematics of defining the specific characteristics of the period and the main types of Romantic fiction with an introduction of the most important authors and works. The second –  more practical – part of the course involves group discussions of individual works.


Course Literature:

  • Day, Aidan. Romanticism. London: Routledge, 1996.
  • Bogataj Gradišnik, Katarina. Grozljivi roman. Ljubljana: DZS, 1991.
  • Curran, Stuart (ur.). The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993.
  • Izenberg, Gerald N. The Impossible Individuality: Romanticism, Revolution and the Origins of Modern Selfhood. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1992.
  • Kos, Janko. Romantika. Ljubljana: DZS, 1980.
  • Manning, Peter J.. Reading Romantics: Texts and Contexts. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1990.
  • Napier, Elizabeth R. The Failure of Gothic. Oxford: Clarendon, 1987.
  • Raimond, Jean. A Handbook to English Romanticism. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1994.


Literary Works:

A list of selected literary works is provided at the beginning of the course.


  • Written exam

Grading scale of 6-10 (pass) and 1-5 (fail), in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana and with the examination system of the Faculty of Arts.