English: Single-Subject Study Programme (BA)

The new BA programme provides an intensive three-year study of the English language and cultures and literatures of English-speaking lands, as well as the acquisition of cross-cultural communicative competences required for work in environments that involve cross-linguistic communication and cross-cultural activities. This carefully devised programme also allows for the possibility of continuing studies at the MA level.

Assessment of students' work is carried out in accordance with the ECTS, which enables Slovenian students to study abroad and have their work there recognized upon return to their home university. According to their personal preferences and the field of employment to which they are attracted, students also have the choice of a number of elective courses. In addition, a range of cultural knowledge is made available to those who wish to seek employment in the EU or elsewhere.

The new programme encourages a more active and creative involvement of students in the study process, a high degree of critical reading of texts, and a critical approach to their own linguistic activities and cross-cultural perception.