SSlovenian-English Translation II (Year 4)

Credit points: 0
Contact hours: 60
Type: Seminar Classes

Course Description

The aim of the course is to develop linguistic, translational and intercultural competence, to increase students’ knowledge of principles governing translation into a foreign language and to further their use of translation tools. Students are encouraged to expand their micro and macro strategies in the written translation of demanding (mainly non-literary) texts from Slovene into English. Particular attention is paid to frequent problems in translation regarding cultural terms, terminology, etc. Students learn to use general and specialized dictionaries as well as other lexicographic reference material. In the seminar students are expected to present their own translations prepared at home and compare them in terms of pragmatics, textual characteristics, lexical nuances and style, discuss various translation variants and sources used (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, the Internet, parallel texts). Selected topics of Slovene-English contrastive analysis are also discussed, particularly at syntactic and textual levels, as the focus is on encoding, i.e. translation into English as a foreign language.

Students are expected to attend and actively participate in the seminar on the basis of translations that have prepared as homework. There is a written test (translation of a Slovene text into English) at the end of each semester. A positive result in both tests and 75% attendance exempts students from end-of-term exam.

Course Literature:


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