BAIntroduction to Lexicology

Credit points: 5
Contact hours: 60
Type: Lectures


Dušan Gabrovšek, PhD

Course Description

Aims and Specific Competences:

  • Raising awareness of the functioning of language as a system on the lexical;
  • Analyzing the concept of the lexical item in light of recent advances in linguistics; pinpointing and acquiring dimensions of vocabulary knowledge;
  • Ascertaining levels of meaning in both monolingual and bilingual contexts;
  • Observing interaction of grammar and lexis in actual language use.

Course Content:

This course provides an introduction to the basic terminology and fundamental general features of vocabulary. These include, the lexical item and its properties – spelling, pronunciation, meaning in broad terms, grammar, word family, phraseology, pragmatics, as well as the role of context and the culture-bound element. Further, we explore dictionary treatment of meaning: types of dictionary definitions and illustrative examples in monolingual dictionaries. Other angles include: semantic features of lexical items: monosemy and polysemy, metaphoricity, levels of lexical meaning (denotative, connotative, stylistic, collocational); phraseological units and wider patterning; elements of pragmatics within lexicology; general and contrastive lexicology.

Course Literature:

  • Carter, R.A. 1998. Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives. 2nd edn.
  • London: Routledge.  [Chapters 1-4, 6  {pp. 3-115, 150-183}]
  • Gabrovšek, D. 2005. Words Galore. Ljubljana: Filozofska fakulteta. [301pp.]
  • Schmitt, N. 2000. Vocabulary in Language Teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  [224pp.]


Written exam to be taken. Grading scale of 6-10 (pass) and 1-5 (fail), in accordance with the Statutes of the University of Ljubljana and with the examination system of the Faculty of Arts.