BASeminar in American Literature

Credit points: 6
Contact hours: 60
Type: Seminar Classes

Main Instructor

Lilijana Burcar, PhD


Lilijana Burcar, PhD

Course Description

Students read a number of American novels stemming from diffrent historical and literary periods. The emphasis is placed on in-depth textual analyses of selected novels. The  focus is kept on the development of an understanding that novels are socio-politically embedded forms of writing. As discursive practices they cannot be made exempt  from the social reality in which they are written and to which they relate, either implicitly or explicitly.


Morrison, T. 2005. Beloved. London : Vintage Books.

Zinn, H. 2010. A people's history of the United States : 1492-present. New York : HarperPerennial.

McClintock, A. 1995. Imperial leather: race, gender, and sexuality in the colonial contest. New York : Routledge.


The student hands in an essay

and gives a presentation.

The presentation counts as 50% of the final grade. So does the essay.