BALanguage in Use I

Credit points: 5
Contact hours: 120
Type: Practical Classes

Main Instructor

Cvetka Sokolov, PhD


Mojca Belak, MA
Lara Burazer, PhD
Cvetka Sokolov, PhD
Mirjana Želježič, PhD

Course Description

Reading Comprehension: the use of various reading techniques; understanding authentic texts of various types; summarizing a text’s tenor or essence; superior taxonomic reading skills: analysis, evaluation, inferring.

Writing Abilities: expository paragraph; short expository written composition; the writing process; short creative writing forms.

Listening Comprehension: grasping specific information from texts with general themes; understanding the general sense of a text; the various types of English (British, American, Australian, including dialects); active and passive listening.

Speaking Abilities: characteristics of spoken language / linguistic "chunking"; ability to fluidly relate information orally; refined spoken communication; exercises in speaking competence; short instances of speaking freely on an open topic.


Texts selected by instructor and students.

Blake, J. 2011. Writing Short Literature Essays: A Guide for Slovenian Students. Ljubljana: Znanstvena založba FF.

Glendinning, E. 2004. Study Reading. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Sešek, U., C. Sokolov. 2001. Pen to Paper: Osnove pisanja v angleščini na primeru šolskega sestavka. Ljubljana: Rokus.         

Sherman, J. 1994. Feedback. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Wallace, M. J. 2004. Study Skills in English: A Course in Reading Skills for Academic Purposes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


The final mark is comprised of the following: active class participation, test on course material and reading comprehension, essay, oral exam.

A passing grade on 2 and 3 is the pre-condition for taking the oral exam. 2 and 3 represent 50% of the final grade, and 4 the balance. Students must pass all three of these.

Evaluation scale: from 6-10 (pass); from 1-5 (fail), based on the University Statute and examination regulations of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.