MAPrograms and Coursebooks in ELT (Pedag. Study Prog., Semester 3)

Credit points: 4
Contact hours: 45

Main Instructors

Janez Skela, PhD
Janez Skela, PhD


Janez Skela, PhD

Course Description

• the potential relationship between instructional materials and the syllabus/curriculum;
• different approaches to the ELT syllabus design (also from a historical perspective);
• different ELT syllabus types (e.g. grammatical, functional-notional, task-based, situational, lexical, procedural; modular, mixed-focus model, etc.);
• advantages and disadvantages of different syllabus types, and the main principles of the processes of curriculum development
• the textbook as the most tangible and visible aspect within the ELT curriculum;
• the effects and impact of the textbook on the teaching and learning of English;
• the general characteristics and principles of ELT materials;
• analysis and evaluation of different aspects of the ELT coursebook: (language/subject matter) content, selection and gradation of content, sequencing of grammatical items, language skills, topics and values, teaching methodology;
• categories, criteria and formats used to evaluate, select, analyse, adapt and construct teaching materials


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