MAAnglo-American Feminist Literature Studies

Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 30
Type: Seminar Classes

Main Instructor

Lilijana Burcar, PhD


Lilijana Burcar, PhD

Course Description

  • fostering a critical and an in-depth reading of literary texts as historically specific and socially determined socio-material and semiotic practices, as communication events, as instances of discourse, and as reflections of socio-political systems whereby gender binaries are either upheld or questioned and imploded to be replaced with transformative visions
  • acquisition and consolidation of the understanding of basic feminist theories on power discourses and power mechanisms through discursive analyses of literary texts
  • in-depth analyses of feminist-literary theories on subject formation: historical materialism, poststructuralism and postcolonial studies

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Theoretical works
Selected items from:
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And selected articles published in feminist literary journals and other relevant fields of social studies.