MAEnglish Phraseology

Credit points: 3
Contact hours: 30
Type: Seminar Classes

Main Instructor

Dušan Gabrovšek, PhD


Dušan Gabrovšek, PhD

Course Description

Idiomaticity and the basic criteria for determining (clines of) idiomaticity. Two interpretations of the concept (narrower – the semantics of idioms, and broader – [restricted] nativelike textual selection and sequencing). The two major organizing principles in language: the open-choice principle vs. the coselection principle. Main types of multiword lexical units in English and their salient features.

Style as largely situational language variation involving choice in multiword units. Stylistic meaning. Key concepts of language variation (dialect, technolect, idiolect, genderlect, sociolect, period), style (status, field, region), and register. Broad-based view of stylistic features of multiword lexical items, including text-based stylistic features. Style-related problems of translation equivalence.

Analysis of selected English non-fiction texts from idiomatic and stylistic perspectives. The objective is to raise awareness of advanced (L2) knowledge and to develop enhanced L2 proficiency.

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