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The Library of English, German, and Translation Studies is one of 18 departmental libraries joined in the Central Humanities Library of the Faculty of Arts. It primarily supports study programmes and courses as well as scientific research of three departments: the Department of English, the Department of German with Dutch and Swedish, and the Department of Translation.

Lending Library (Room 320)
Reference Library (Room 322)
Common Reading Room (Room 015)
Book return box (in front of Room 11)


Slovenian Union Catalogue
DiKUL remote access
Digital Library of Slovenia
Internet, Eduroam
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Card catalogues (up to 2001)

  • Alphabetical catalogue
  • UDC Subject Catalogue
  • Alphabetical catalogue of journals
  • 2 catalogues of undergraduate theses (by author and UDC subjects)

Slovenian Union Catalogue

Online library catalogue on COBISS (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System & Services): a publicly accessible user catalogue on COBISS/OPAC system. This enables users to search in shared bibliographic databases of all Slovenian libraries - COBIB as well as in local databases of participating libraries, e. g. OHK local catalogue.
All OHK departmental libraries are virtually joined as one local library catalogue (FFLJ), divided into 18 departmental holdings.
Here you can access directly to the departmental holdings of the Library of English, German, and Translation Studies.


Being a member of the University of Ljubljana Library System, OHK can provide access to several licenced and open access sources for its users. The most important one is


Digital Library of UL with federated search engine, openURL linker and remote access, approx. 60,000 licenced e-journals, e-books and databases available. Direct access from public computers at all locations of the UL, remote access with a password for UL students and employees, and

DiKUL remote access

Login data:
Card no.: your UL student ID number
Password: the password assigned to you upon registration in the Library

OHK FFLJ Digital Library

organizes and offers access to electronic resources for all fields of study covered at FFLJ.

Digital Library of Slovenia brings to homes, workplaces, schools or universities written Slovene cultural treasures, specimen kept in the National and University Library and other Slovene libraries. At the same time it enables access to entire current expert articles and other texts.


Internet access is available on public PCs in libraries and halls at the faculty. Access to Eduroam wireless internet network is available to all UL students and staff members. More info about access to Eduroam

New acquisitions bulletin

List of publications newly acquired by the Library, issued every two months in both printed and electronic versions.


User education and training

  • introduction to the use of the library and its resources for first-year students,
  • information literacy workshops,
  • individual search query assistance available upon request.


The Library’s collection comprises over 80,000 volumes. More than 73% of the materials are registered in the COBIB digital catalogue (Union Bibliographic/Catalogue Database --> link to the local catalogue of the Library), the rest of them are listed in classical card catalogues (by author, subject, and UDC classes).

The stock is arranged by subject according to UDC (Universal Decimal Classification). All library materials have a label with a barcode and a shelfmark – a code of numbers and words indicating what subject the item covers and where it is shelved.

Most represented subjects areas

Some of the main subjects of the collection are: English, German, English and German literature, Translation Studies, general linguistics, text linguistics, literary history, literary theory, English and German teaching methodology.

Our library also holds the most extensive collections in Slovenia of Swedish, Dutch, Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian literature.

Lending Library

Open access shelving (by UDC); however, open access to the materials is limited for safety reasons (high shelves). There are 18 seats and 6 computers at users’ disposal. Study groups are welcome.

Reference Library with Silent Reading Room

Reference Library contains materials that CANNOT be borrowed for home use (short loan collection): journals, lexicons, encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, handbooks. They are to be returned on the same day. 12 seats are available to readers in the silent reading room. Undergraduate, masters and doctoral theses as well as valuable archival materials can only be used in the reading room. Photocopying of these materials is not allowed.


Users are required to leave their personal belongings in lockers at the entrance of the library before using the reading room. Keys to the lockers are available at the loan desk.



All full time, part-time and postgraduate students become library members when enrolling at the Faculty of Arts. Other users are issued a membership card after having paid the fees in any of the departmental libraries. International students may apply for library membership by filling in a User Registration Form for Foreign Citizens; there are no additional admission, registration or loan fees to be paid. By registering in one departmental library one automatically becomes a member of all 18 departmental libraries of the Central Humanities Library. By signing the registration formthe new member agrees to observe the Library Rules. Student ID serves as a library card and is valid in all libraries of the University of Ljubljana (UL), in the National and University Library (NUK) and the Central Technological Library (CTK). Exchange students are required to return all borrowed library materials and settle all outstanding debts in OHK FFLJ by the end of their exchange period.

Borrowing materials

Borrowing is only possible with a valid student or library card. A student/library card is not transferable to another person.

How do you borrow materials from our library?

1. Search for bibliographic information in the Union Bibliographic catalogue (COBISS/OPAC) or in the local catalogue → Enter COBISS/OPAC → Local databases of libraries → Library: FFLJOHK-Anglistika, germanistika in prevajalstvo

2. Perform a search for library materials

3. Write out the entire shelfmark, located at the bottom of the entry, e.g.

Germanistika 886.3 CANKAR Ivan Ward of Our Lady

(location marks “Germanistika” and “Prevajalstvo” both refer to our library).
4. Present the shelfmarks to the librarian at the loan desk. She will bring you the requested items and scan the barcodes.
The dates due for return are recorded on the loan slip.

5. For those materials which have not yet been provided with a barcode, a borrowing slip has to be filled in.

Loan period

Loan period is usually 1 month or 2 weeks, in certain cases 1 week. Short loan items that were taken to the Common Reading Room (Room 015) have to be returned on the same day either to the departmental library during office hours or to the book return box in front of Room 11.


Items on loan can be renewed in person in the library, by telephone (01 241 1350), per e-mail ( or via COBISS/OPAC using the My Library option.

My Library Service

Upon registration at the library users define a password for My Library which enables access to personal loan transactions (renewals or requests), reservations, e-notifications settings, and password changes. Membership card no. required for login is either student ID or library card number. Also available is a subscription to expiry notifications to be received per e-mail or SMS 3 days before the due date of return.


Items out on loan can be reserved and items available for loan ordered in person, by telephone or by e-mail. When the materials become available, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the borrower. Availability of one’s reservations can also be checked on My Library service. Reserved items have to be collected within 3 days of notification.

Returning materials

Items on loan can be returned

  • to the departmental library during office hours,
  • into the book return box in front of Room 11 on the ground floor(please make sure that all items drop down properly),
  • by mail.

Fines and reminders

Overdue loans are charged per day according to the current price list. If items are kept overdue more than one week users will receive a written reminder. Damaged materials are to be replaced or paid for.

In the academic year 2013/2014 written reminders will be sent out as follows:

15. 10. 2013, 19. 11. 2013, 17. 12. 2013, 21. 1. 2014, 18. 2. 2014, 18. 3. 2014, 15. 4. 2014, 20. 5. 2014, 17. 6. 2014, 15. 7. 2014,
19. 8. 2014, 16. 9. 2014

Interlibrary loan

Apart from lending materials held by OHK to other libraries, OHK provides ILL services for its users by obtaining materials and documents from any library in Slovenia and from numerous foreign libraries and document suppliers. The ILL order form has to be filled out. The service is charged according to a valid price list.

E-mail address:, here is the link to ILL order form.

Common Reading Room

is located in Room 015 in the basement.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7-21, Sat 7-19.

Book return box

There are two book return boxes in front of Room 11 on the ground floor.

OHK Library Rules

Library rules apply to all OHK libraries (text only available in Slovene). A summary of the rules and the price list are posted in the Library.


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