Enrolment in the Next Year of Study

To meet the requirements for progression from the 1st year to the 2nd year of the second-degree double-subject pedagogical programme, the student must obtain 60 credit points from the courses prescribed by the curriculum and programme specifications for the 1st year.

To meet the requirements for the progression to a higher year, students must fulfil the study obligations to such an extent that they gain 90% of the credit points prescribed by the curriculum (54 out of 60 credit points) for an individual year. In exceptional circumstances (determined by the Statute of the University of Ljubljana, Article 153), students who have fulfilled 85% of their obligations (i.e., they have obtained 51 credit points) can enrol in the higher year on the basis of an approved application. This application is processed by the Committee for Students’ Questions and Direction and the Department can give an advisory opinion. The student has to obtain the missing credits before enrolling in a higher year.

In accordance with Article 152 of the Statute of the University of Ljubljana, the student has the right to repeat one year in the course of his/her study. A student who has failed to meet the progression requirements can repeat the given year provided s/he has obtained 15 credit points (25% of the year's total).

The conditions for extending student status are specified in Article 238 of the Statute of the University of Ljubljana. The conditions for reposing student status (i.e., taking a year away from studies) are specified in Article 240.

The Department of English provides counselling and other forms of support to assist students with any problems or questions relating to their studies. Guidance and assistance is offered to students by tutors, student representatives and members of departmental staff, as well as by representatives from other departments.