General English-language competences acquired with the programme:

  • oral and written communicative competence;
  • ability and skills for teamwork;
  • ability to independently acquire various types of skills and knowledge;
  • ability of lifelong learning;
  • ability of analysis, synthesis, predicting possible solutions and consequences;
  • ability to develop one’s own approaches to research and problem-solving;
  • ability to use information and communication technologies;
  • ability to react in conflict situations;
  • ability to develop a critical mind.

Subject-specific competences in the field of English language acquired with the programme:

  • ability to work in a Slovenian-English interlingual and intercultural environment;
  • ability of critical evaluation of literary works;
  • ability to respond appropriately in socially, culturally and ethnically different environments, having proper knowledge about the English-speaking world (history, geography, political science, culture, art, etc.);
  • ability to recognize social and regional variants of English;
  • ability to understand and analyse textual communicative processes in the society;
  • ability to understand the complexity of the historically-based concept of culture;
  • ability to understand the interdependence of the functions of texts in the civilizational and cultural social context;
  • ability to transfer theoretical descriptions to practical work with different texts;
  • ability to deal with various profession-related issues;
  • ability to use methods of scientific research.