Changing the Programme of Study

Changing the study programme applies to all second-degree study programmes (single-subject, double-subject) at the Faculty of Arts.

Changing the programme is possible within the framework of the study programmes of the same degree, i.e., the second degree.

Changing the programme is possible within the framework of the study programmes:

  • which ensure the acquisition of comparable competences at the end of the study;
  • where, according to the criteria for the recognition, at least half of the obligations arising from the European Transfer Credit System can be acknowledged from the first study programme relating to obligatory subjects of the new study programme.

A student can enrol in the higher year of the new study programme if s/he has obtained the number of credit points necessary for the progression and if those credit points fulfil the requirements for the progression to a higher year of the valid study programme. These credit points should be recognized in the course of recognition due to changing the programme.

Enrolment in the first year of the study programme does not mean changing the programme.

The following is recognized when changing the programme:

  • comparable study obligations the student fulfilled in the first study programme;
  • informally gained comparable knowledge.

Previously gained knowledge is proved by suitable documents.

In accordance with Article 5 of the Criteria for Changing the Study Programme, students can change from university (non-Bologna) study programmes approved before 11 June 2004 to the Bologna study programmes. Changing the programme is possible:

  • within the framework of study programmes of the same disciplines and
  • if less than two years have passed from the candidate’s last enrolment in the university study programme which s/he changes, but no later than by the end of the 2015/16 academic year.

On the basis of the candidate’s individual application and proof regarding the fulfilled obligations, the Faculty’s competent body, following the department’s proposal, determines whether or not the candidate fulfils the criteria for changing the programme and whether these obligations can be recognized following the procedure determined by the Statute of the University of Ljubljana.

If the student has fulfilled obligations at a higher education institution abroad, s/he can submit an application for the recognition of education abroad. The application must be submitted on a prescribed form in accordance with the Evaluation and Recognition of Education Act and valid rules and regulations. The application should be accompanied by prescribed documents.