Call of Ireland!



 The Call of Ireland: Call for Writers and Illustrators

Do you think literature and art make the world go round? Do you mayhap count leprechauns instead of sheep when you have trouble falling asleep? Do you consider Oscar Wilde one of the most sensational people who has ever lived? Can you pronounce Taoiseach?

If your answer to at least one of these questions was “yes!”, keep reading! If you answered “no” to all, keep reading anyway (*cough* there are prizes *cough*).

We invite you to participate in The Call of Ireland, a project that aims to spread Irish culture through literature and art. The project is organised by the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland in Slovenia.

Who can participate?

Faculty of Arts students who are not part of the organising team and/or are not a serving or former DFAT/Embassy employee or a member of their family may participate as writers and/or illustrators.

How can writers contribute?

Each candidate can write a maximum of two short stories. The story should be between 10,000 and 15,000 characters including spaces, written in English, andconnected to Ireland and Irish culture. Some topic suggestions are: Irish dance, music, mythology, Dáil Éireann, the Celtic Tiger, Irish history, traditions, and prominent Irish people as protagonists, and many, many more.

Send your submissions by May 31 to:

A committee will select the best short stories, which will be adorned with illustrations and published as a book. The best three will receive a prize at a special prize-giving ceremony.

How do illustrators contribute?

Send an example of your artwork (drawing, digital art, etc.) to by May 31. After it has been decided which short stories will be included in the publication, you will have approximately two months to produce one or two pieces of art to be published together with a particular story.

Who shall be the champions of Irish culture?

The concluding ceremony, at which the awards given out to the participants, will take place in November. FABULOUS PRIZES TBA. Stay tuned to find out!

As James Joyce once said, “the modern writer must be an adventurer above all,” so let us embark on an adventure to Imagination Land and create, create, create!


The organisers of the project The Call of Ireland commit themselves to the protection of personal data of the contributors and guarantee that the personal data, stories and art received will only be used for the needs of this project and the publication of the book. By submitting their work, the authors agree to the publication of their works. For any other uses of their personal data and works, such as reprinting, the authors will be contacted beforehand and will have the right to refuse. Consult a medical professional about the possible side effects of participation in the project, such as literary fameosis, increased cultural awarenessitis and Chasing Rainbows Syndrome.