Acta Neophilologica

Editor-in-Chief: Igor Maver

Editorial Board - Members: Anton Janko, Jerneja Petrič, Miha Pintarič, Frančiška Trobevšek-Drobnak

Advisory Committee: Henry R. Cooper (Bloomington, Ind.), Maria Renata Dolce (Lecce), Renzo Crivelli (Trieste), Kajetan Gantar (Ljubljana),  Meta Grosman (Ljubljana), Angelika Hribar (Ljubljana), Branka Kalenić Ramšak (Ljubljana), Tom Ložar (Montreal), Mira Miladinović-Zalaznik (Ljubljana), Tom M. S. Priestley (Edmonton, Alb.), Margarete Rubik (Wien), Ramon Saldívar (Stanford), Naomi Segal (London), Neva Šlibar (Ljubljana), Wolfgang Zach (Innsbruck).

Published by: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani (Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts).

Issued by: Znanstveno-raziskovalni inštitut Filozofske fakultete (Scientific & Research Institute of Faculty of Arts)

Acta Neophilologica is published once yearly (as a double number). The review is primarily oriented in promoting scholarly articles on English and American literature, on other literatures written in English as well as on German and Romance literatures. All articles are refereed before being accepted or rejected. Manuscripts will not be returned unless they are commissioned. Computed-printed copies must be double-spaced and new paragraphs should be printed with an indention. Articles must have an accompanying abstract and key-words. Literature used should be prepared in the alphabetical order of authors. The views expressed in articles should in no way be construed as reflecting the views of the publisher.

Articles submitted for consideration should be sent in two computed-printed copies (double spaced), with a short abstract (in English) and together with a diskette. Articles should be of no more than 5,000 words. For format and style authors should follow the MLA Handbook. Authors who wish to have their articles published in the next issue of AN should send their manuscripts to the editor no later than 1 May each year: Igor Maver, Department of English, Filozofska fakulteta, Aškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.